Ben Pacitti
SCOTACS Diploma in Counselling & Groupwork - a Cognitive Behavioural Approach

I am a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with a Diploma in Counselling and Group work. I also have insight and experience in the use of elements derived from other core psychological models and approaches, meaning we'll have a wide-range of tools to choose from while we work together, and we will find which ones suits you best.

I'd like to help you find out how you can deal with your current problems, and figure out how you can take this knowledge to cope with what future challenges might come your way.

I've been told I'm warm, open and honest, and can confidently say I am in no way here to judge you, but I am here to help you achieve a balanced outlook regarding what is troubling you right now.

We'll work as a team to identify unhelpful thinking styles and behaviours, and together will figure out how you can make the changes you need so you can start to feel like your old self again, or even work towards how you've thought you always wanted to feel.

All our work together will be carried out on a strictly confidential basis.

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