Monika Graham-Rolwegan
SCOTACS Diploma in Counselling & Groupwork - a Cognitive Behavioural Approach

Becoming a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist has proven to be a perfect career choice for me as I have a real passion for helping people. I completed the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate and the SCOTACS Diploma in Counselling & Groupwork –A Cognitive Behavioural Approach course at the Centre of Therapy in Glasgow.

Although we all have our 'ups and downs' sometimes we get stuck in negative emotions. Depression, anxieties, trauma or stress can affect our lives, robbing us of contentment and happiness. We might even turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to cope with our problems.

Talking to a counsellor can help you gain a better perspective of your problems and this understanding can lead to a shift of emotions and a desired change.

I am committed to offering safe, confidential and compassionate support allowing you to explore your feelings and thoughts around any issues you wish to resolve.

Through the development of a collaborative therapeutic relationship we can explore an approach that will suit you best whilst gaining self-awareness, understanding and acceptance.

I have experience of helping people with:
• Depression
• Low self esteem
• Anxieties
• Addictions
• Stress
• Self harm
• Anger
• Trauma

Therapies Provided:
Supervisory Role/s: