Ashley Pollock
SCOTACS Diploma in Counselling & Groupwork - a Cognitive Behavioural Approach, COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills

Welcome and thank you for making the time to find out just how rapidly things can change... For YOU! Regardless of where you are starting from you are much nearer to a solution than you think.
What my clients say about me:
My clients describe me as positive, helpful, accepting, down-to-earth and straightforward; they like my use of analogies and anecdotes to explain concepts. They appreciate my non-judgemental empathy, compassion and honesty, together with the way in which I collaborate with them to achieve clearly agreed goals. They feedback that I use appropriate challenges and that our teamwork together is solution focused and instils hope. My clients love the way I connect with them in a way that is most meaningful.
What I offer:
I offer a private, safe and confidential space that supports you to find more fulfilling ways of coping with any matter that may be causing you distress, concern or unhappiness. My approach is to work collaboratively with you to enable you to gain insight into how your problem affects you in the here and now. Using an evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural approach will allow you to become proficient in dealing with your problems. We will work together to reveal your abilities and resources for change. The focus of our work is to allow you to become your own therapist and expert on managing your own problems in the future.

Therapies Provided:
Supervisory Role/s: