Relationship Counselling

The Centre of Therapy has counsellors and psychotherapists who are qualified in relationship counselling. If you have decided to undertake relationship counselling you will work with a therapist to focus on the areas in your relationship that are causing difficulty.  Your therapist will arrange an initial assessment prior to contracting for therapy sessions. Relationship counselling is a collaborative process and the therapist will use questions to guide the process, ensuring both partners have their say and feel included.  The goal of therapy is to provide specific techniques and interventions that can enable couples to openly communicate, express feelings and resolve the problems and difficulties that brought them to therapy. 

Dependant on the presenting problems or difficulties the length of time in therapy can differ, and were some clients may need short term therapy others may need several months.  The length of time in therapy is not set in stone and reviews will take place to ensure the therapy is proving effective for clients involved. 

Relationship counselling is often viewed as a route to resolving a relationship breakdown. However, it can also be helpful with divorce or separation.  If this was the only option, relationship counselling can create a space were clients can communicate and discuss problems that are too difficult to manage on their own.

Relationship counselling can help with;

  • marriage breakdown
  • divorce or separation
  • illness
  • sex/intimacy problems
  • anger
  • addiction
  • communication difficulties
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